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Each Animal has its Hiding Spot

The Chilean Patagonia is full of small and medium-sized animals that hide among lush vegetation and where observing is often a challenge.
The Puma is one of the most elusive, even in the wild, because there are very few of its kind and it does not like contact with humans. Their average size is 2 meters (6ft) and 80 kilos (approx. 176 lbs.) of weight, so it is considered a medium-sized cat.
Smaller, but no less important are the Pudu, which belongs to the deer family and is now in danger of extinction. Its height reaches about 40 centimeters (approx. 16in.) and 10 kilos (approx. 22 lbs.) of weight. It is a shy animal, only out at night to forage for food.
The guanaco is one of the mammals that can be found in this area, especially in the plains and in Tierra del Fuego, in addition to around the Torres del Paine. It is a small animal, almost two meters (6 ft.) and friendly, and he has no problem with people coming to him. Usually they live in groups, where a male is accompanied by several females.
These are just some of our representatives in Patagonia. We invite you to learn more about the animals that live here!

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