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The Center of Daily Life

Usually when we arrived at a house in Patagonia, the conversation or meeting is in the same room: the kitchen. But what is special about this place?
The answer is simple. It’s where the wood stove is therefore a more temperate environment, which is the perfect spot for the teapot of matte, the boiling pot to dye wool or simply to prepare a good meal.
The wood stove came to replace the open-flame stove, an old enclosure designed by pioneer families as a place of food preparation and family reunion. Now the fire is inside the unit for safety and efficiency.
When a new house is built, the space for the kitchen and the position of the stove play a key role because it is the place where the majority of the family who lives there will congregate.
Do you think the food is better in a wood stove or gas? Each has its taste, but in Patagonia, the wood stove is more than an apparatus for cooking food.
Source: Aysen Deep

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