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No Matte No Conversations

For a person who lives in Patagonia, usually you cannot live without matte. Drinking a matte is not only drinking an herbal tea, but also an element to relationships. It is a way of life. This tradition, which comes from a mix of culture with Argentina, takes it easy and has long discussions, and that “he who hastens in Patagonia has lost time,” they say over there. The matte is drunken in a hollow where the grass zucchini sets and uses a “turkey” which is a metal utensil, similar to a light bulb, which at its bottom has holes to prevent the passage of dust from the grass. Matte is also used to transmit intentions, saying things not aloud, but through codes. If you are given a matte with lemon, it means displeasure; if it’s cold indifference; with the bulb back is contempt. If “thank you” is said, then that person no longer wants more. If you are lucky and Patagonian invites you to a matte, do not hesitate, because only then will you really know their lifestyle. With good matte, around classic a wood stove, you will not want to leave the conversation! If you want more information on Patagonia and its customs, visit

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