Árboles plantados

Our project

We reforest degraded ecosystems, recovering areas of high ecological value, generating environmental culture and raising awareness of the importance of native trees.

We face the problem of deforestation head on, carrying out massive planting projects with native trees, volunteer programs, environmental education seminars, fire prevention campaigns and initiatives to encourage the local economy, such as donation programs for small and medium-sized enterprises.






Rosa Videla

Voluntaria afectada por el incendio de Limache 2019


Suzanne Wylie

Directora Ejecutiva Fundación Reforestemos


Suzanne Wylie

Directora Ejecutiva Fundación Reforestemos

Types of projects

We work to have a positive impact on the environment and to increase environmental awareness in people. Our projects are based on collaboration, action, and education.


Environmental education

Donation to small businesses

How is it funded?

This campaign requires the commitment of all those who want to maintain the integrity of Chilean ecosystems. That is why any person, group of friends or company, from Chile or the rest of the world, can contribute to the project.

Every contribution counts!

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Planting process

Each reforestation project is executed making sure that each tree is correctly installed and duly protected. The planification of the work area, the identification of the best species to plant and the monitoring of the whole process are the key to success.

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Species to plant

The species are selected according to the climatic conditions of the area, the ecological requirements, and the observation of the local vegetation; this ensures the success of reforestation.

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Technical Reports

Here you can download the details of the monitoring we have carried out to check the growth of the plants.

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Soledad Corti Otaegui

Soledad Corti Otaegui de Chile ha plantado 1 árbol en la Patagonia.